How the colors and designs
of Braveshirts shirts are born



Only 100 shirts were made for each design.
Braveshirts are the love children of the British Pop Art period and the London of the swinging sixties, of that amazing moment when everything was possible. But they are also characterised by rigidly geometric graphic patterns with a decidedly masculine feel, of Scandinavian-Teutonic inspiration, to which typically Mediterranean colours have been added. This impossible cocktail launches and represents an absolute innovation in terms of style and culture: Euro-Ethnic.

Regardless of the important artistic background by which they are inspired, they don’t need a special occasion to be worn: the "orthogonal psychedelia” (an intentional oxymoron) designed through the Braveshirts colours and designs is an everyday style.

Each shirt is to be collected. It's unique and extraordinary for those who experience it with their mind clear of the need to conform to rules and conventions, they are cut and sewn by hand by expert Italian shirt makers. The fabric, ideal for all seasons, is 100% made in Italy cotton, worked and printed in Como and completely eco-sustainable, just like the packaging.

Braveshirts are designed as men’s shirts because men need the courage to dress out of the box more than women, but they are also perfect for women. Positive, surprising women who go against the grain.

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"When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free".
(Charles Evans Hughes)







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