Christmas and New Year Discounts

Buy at an exceptional price one of the latest Off the records - QZ code - Starway to somewhere - Brave basic: 49 € instead of 140 €.

Of the 100 shirts produced for each pattern this year, there are very few left by size and with these patterns no more shirts will ever be produced.

Handmade italian shirts

The Braveshirts original patterns, inspired by 19th century graphic art, by Bauhaus, by Pop Art, are joined with typically mediterranean colours to give life to a stylistic novelty: the Euro-Ethnic.


With each design we only produce 100 shirts

Regardless of the important artistic background by which they are inspired, they don’t need a special occasion to be worn: the Braveshirts colours and designs are an everyday style, because every day is unique and extraordinary for those who live it freely. From each Pattern are made only 100 shirts.


The Fabric and The Color

Shipping costs and times

Italy: Express 15 € - Shipping times: from 1 to 4 working days | EU countries: Express 38 € - Shipping times: from 2 to 4 working days | USA and non-EU countries: 48 € - Shipping times: from 3 to 6 working days | For faster or scheduled deliveries please contact us:
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